Daphne Schneider & Associates Corporate Investigations | Seattle, WA


The following are some examples of work we have done:



  • Worked with a skilled craft business to define its mission, vision, goals and action steps
  • Facilitated in-tact work teams as they addressed and resolved areas of conflict between different work groups in an organization
  • Mediated between staff members to resolve conflicts
  • Conducted individual staff member interviews and facilitated group process for addressing issues of conflict in a local union 
  • Conducted individual staff member interviews to identify themes causing organizational conflict; prepared a written report, including analysis and recommendations, for management 
  • Facilitated an in-tact work team in defining teamwork agreements and using them to begin addressing team issues



  • Conducted high-profile Investigations into allegations of sex discrimination against top management 
  • Conducted Investigations into allegations of discrimination based on disability, and unfair treatment 
  • Conducted Investigations of allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against a teacher 
  • Conducted Investigations of sexual harassment, including issues of sexual orientation 
  • Conducted Investigations of race-based discrimination



  • With management, developed the plan for and facilitated a management and staff retreat to develop action steps for implementing department goals 
  • During a week-long workshop, facilitated the conversations of the top management of a large organization to address key topics of concern to the leadership 
  • Facilitated a series of planning meetings for an organization’s leadership, staff and community representatives 
  • Facilitated a series of meetings between management and union representatives to resolve critical issues 
  • With the Executive Director and the Board President, developed the plans for and facilitated Board retreats in a not-for-profit organization


Training and Coaching

  • Taught teamwork and communication skills to staff of several blue collar work groups 
  • Presented in-house sexual harassment prevention training in both businesses and public sector organizations 
  • Presented training at numerous conferences, workshops and meetings 
  • Conducted one-on-one executive coaching to help the leader develop strategies for successfully addressing staff issues including conflicts, succession planning, and supervision 
  • Conducted one-on-one coaching with an employee accused of harassment to help him identify the behaviors which resulted in the accusation and develop strategies for appropriate behavior in similar work situations in the future