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At Daphne R. Schneider and Associates, our organization development consulting services focus on
four major areas:

Conflict Management

    • It is common for conflicts to arise when people work together. Conflict is neither good nor bad – however, negative conflict, if unattended to, can be extremely costly, destroying a business or organization. We specialize in helping you navigate and successfully manage conflict situations, whether they are between individuals, within teams, between teams, or between labor and management. Using a variety of approaches, we tailor our assistance to meet the needs of both the individuals and the organization, providing facilitation, mediation, training and other resources to address each situation.


    • In today’s world, much of the work in organizations is done in teams. Teamwork takes knowledge, effort and ongoing attention – just like tending any relationship to keep it strong. We offer practical, results-oriented teambuilding, focused on the tasks of the team and on outcomes which will improve the team’s effectiveness.


    • The first step in creating an effective team is to ensure that you have the right team members, and that their performance supports the team’s efforts. We have extensive expertise in defining jobs, identifying the behaviors which will ensure that employees are successful in those jobs, selecting people who demonstrate those behaviors, and evaluating the performance of those employees once on the job.

Change Management

    • One of the few certainties in today’s business climate is that there will be change. Another is that change is often difficult to manage, and can create extreme stress among your staff members and in your organization. We can help you minimize the stress and manage the change so that your organization and its employees feel more positive and in control of the shifts when they, inevitably, take place.