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Training and Coaching

We offer a variety of training programs designed for groups, as well as one-on-one coaching designed for individuals.

Training Programs

We offer training programs tailored to your business or organization. They may be presented in-house, at conferences and professional association meetings, and in other venues. Topics available include:

For employees

    • A Conversation About Style (Or, Why Can’t You Just Be More Like Me?) 
    • Black and White and Shades of Gray: A Look at Harassment in the Workplace 
    • Building Conflict Management Skills 
    • Communicating Through Thick and Thin 
    • Dealing With Conflict Without Running Away or Killing Each Other 
    • Effective Communication in Conflict Situations 
    • Finding Common Ground on Tough Topics 
    • Getting the Job You Want: Effective Job Application and Interviewing Skills 
    • Getting Your Message Across 
    • How to Lead When You’re Not the Supervisor 
    • Improving Communication and Managing Conflict  Living Successfully With Change 
    • Tools for Mediating Disputes for Yourself and Others

For teams…

    • A Toolkit for Successful, Collaborative Decision Making 
    • Creating Effective Teams 
    • Developing Teamwork Agreements 
    • From Your Personality to Great Teamwork 
    • Teamwork and Conflict: Inevitable Bedfellows

For supervisors, managers and leaders…

    • Communication Skills for Supervisors 
    • Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace 
    • Creating and Maintaining a Healthy (and Positive!) Work Environment 
    • Dealing With Workplace Violence 
    • Effectively Supervising the Dysfunctional Employee 
    • Evaluating Employee Performance 
    • From Hostility to Dignity: Creating The Environment in Which We Want to Work 
    • Giving Effective Feedback 
    • Hiring Right 
    • Improve Your Organization By Building Consensus 
    • Managing Your Meetings Effectively – Including the Tough Parts! 
    • Supervising in the 21st Century 
    • The ABCs of Leadership Communication 
    • The Cost of Conflict 
    • Black and White and Shades of Gray: Sexual Harassment and the Supervisor’s Responsibility

For educators…

    • Black And White and Shades of Gray: A Look at Harassment in Schools* 
    • Eliminating Student to Student Harassment 
    • Successful Central Office Management in a Decentralized World

*Meets the legal requirement for training concerning sexual harassment.

If the topic in which you are interested is not listed, please contact us. We will either develop a course

specifically to fit your needs, or refer you to someone who offers what you are looking for.


TIP:  To use your training dollars most effectively, ensure that your
              training has management commitment


  • - is tailored to those attending
  • - uses approaches that address different learning styles
  • - includes real-life examples
  • - creates a safe environment for active participant involvement
  • - provides for participant feedback, and trainer adjustment based on the feedback, throughout
  • - includes post-training follow-up, AND
  • - is fun for participants!

One-On-One Coaching

Sometimes the most effective approach to professional growth is through one-on-one work with a coach. We provide personalized executive coaching, helping leaders guide their organizations through challenging times to create success.

We also provide one-on-one coaching for individuals accused of harassment. This specialized process serves to assist the employee in understanding the behaviors which resulted in the accusation, and to develop new behaviors to minimize the possibility of future difficulties. This coaching generally consists of up to three meetings, and focuses on actions, not therapy.